An Affair - Here's Help!

The infidelity triangle is an incredibly difficult experience for those involved. It’s important to identify the underlying motivations for the affair.  As painful as it is, an affair can be a catalyst for making needed changes in one’s self and in one’s relationships.

Some possible motivations for an affair include the following:

  • Loneliness within the marriage or the committed relationship
  • Fear of conflict if uncomfortable issues are brought up
  • Fear that intimacy will not be safe
  • Using sex to numb inner pain
  • Sacrificing own needs to take care of others
  • Desire for power and perks
  • Justification for a decision to leave the marriage

Emily Brown has helped many individuals and couples recognize and resolve the issues that led to an affair.  She has been invited to speak about affairs on TV, at workshops and conferences throughout the United States, and in other countries including Canada, Europe, and Singapore.  She also offers training for mental health professionals and organizations.